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Personalized photography services for people and pets

Our goal is expressing you, uniquely! Whether in the studio or outdoors / on location, will capture your essence naturally, without affected posing, to create keepsake portraits to be treasured for a lifetime...and beyond. We take the time to listen to your ideas and photographic goals, then together create the images that express you, uniquely. Portrait sessions are unrushed, in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. We offer guidance to help you realize the vision you have for your portrait, and are happy to discuss ideas with you prior to, and during, your session. A session length up to two hours (including clothing changes) allows time to capture the unique you.

portraits are suitable for many occasions, such as:

We offer several packages to suit your photography needs. Whether commemorating a special event, revitalizing your portfolio, creating a portrait just for fun, or even updating your online personal ad, let us use our experience to produce individualized fine art portraits that express your essence. We love to hear any ideas you may have as far as clothing, your own props, photos with friends, family or pets, and/or a location of your choosing. We are dedicated to helping you create the images that you’ve always wanted of yourself or loved ones.

Here is what others have said about our work:

You made me look beautiful! —P. Hennessey

My husband loved the pix! —Billie Stevens

Very nice! Thank you!...I'd like your permission to use your excellent images of me in the brocade dress on my website. —M. Miller

The pictures are really good...lots more good ones in the bunch than the last time we took them to the "professional" (and quite expensive) Wicker Park photographer. —Lurene Thomas

They all look so...sexy! —Jun Wang

I really like the ones you took at the park...We would like to do it again! —Roxanne Lewis

I continue to be impressed with the shot of me on the flying carpet, which you should definitely use as an example of your work. Howdjadoodat? Yeah, I know, that's why they pay you the big bucks. <smile> —Ghanima, dancer

She was thrilled with the pictures! You really went above and beyond, more than what we expected, but I guess that's just how you do things! —Lou C.

It's "alive"...it really speaks to you! —Bala Subramanian

Oh, wow! You can work miracles! —Rita R.

You have great people skills! I learned so much from you, more than from all the courses I’ve taken! —Don Korbus, photographer

Available Session Times

We are available for portrait sessions throughout the week, including weekends, evenings and nights (by special arrangement). We usually schedule sessions 1-2 weeks in advance, and it may take another 2-3 weeks after the session to finish the entire order. We can sometimes schedule rush work, for an additional fee. If your portrait will be a present for someone, please plan ahead!

Weddings are best scheduled several months in advance to ensure booking the date you want.

Hours by appointment

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